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Employee Training and Development

A key aspect to our business is the ongoing development of our existing and future workforce. This enables us to continually supply our clients with the highest level of service possible, today and further down the line. Our team undergoes continual training to ensure their quality of work is to the highest possible standard.

As technology progresses and key improvements are made to both materials and client specifications, it is essential that each member of our team remains ahead of the competition. This is why training, research and evaluation are core areas of our business.

Our dedication to training is outlined by the investment we have made in key member of our team. He is currently spending 1 week per month at Bolton College training in slating and tiling to a dimploma standard and is currently the best performing apprentice on the course.

What our training includes:

  • CHAS health and safety
  • First aid courses
  • Lead welding and bossing courses
  • One operative on a full time 3 year apprentice course in Bolton College of roofing.

We are also members of the "North West Independent Roof Training group", and provide training to the juniors and apprentices by senior operatives.

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